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We seek out good ideas and transform them into successful businesses



We seek out good ideas and transform them into successful businesses

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Get to know what we look for in a project, it doesn't matter if you are developing an idea or already have a fully operational business.

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Foreign citizens who have links with Spain due to economic, professional or social interests may be required to obtain a NIE (Foreigner Identification Number),
and all parties involved in public deeds are legally obliged by the notary to provide such documentation.

In order to obtain it, you must submit the application in the Consulate of the country of origin or, if you reside in Spain, present it at the Immigration Office or in a police station.

In each case...

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estimated profitability of each round depends on the valuation of the project's management company.+
This means that if the company's valuation is the same at the start of a new round as it was for the previous round, the estimated profitability for this
new round will be the same. However, if the valuation of the project's management company increases (due to a reduction in risk from the objectives
achieved with the capital raised), the estimated profitability for...

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On the project homepages it states how much is required to finish an
investment tranche. This often creates questions: Is a round the same as a
tranche?; When the tranche is finished, is it no longer possible to invest in
the project?, etc.
When a round is opened, it is done so with a maximum amount of capital to be
raised that is usually set by the project's
management company and agreed with the fundraising
company. In a round to raise capital,...

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The money moves in an established process with the following steps:The fundraising company opens a fundraising round, establishing a start date and a close date.Within each round, the conditions for investment in the fundraising company stay the same: minimum investment and purchase price of each share (including the value of the share and the issue premium).Occasionally, there may be other conditions, which will be clearly set out to all new investors, for example: investment in pre...

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